: a force or energy that causes a process or activity to happen or happen more quickly


Your strategy is in place. Now you need action.

This is the starting point for Impetus3 to help get things moving. We guide the conversation after strategy when...

  • You need operational planning and execution.
    We guide the conversation that leads your team to action.
  • You’re looking for winning processes to engage your people and optimize your technology.
    We will co-design the way to get you there.
  • You want to redefine the path to ideal work methods.
    We will help your culture change to create the impetus for success.


Melanie Mclagan


“Our approach is always interactive — we get everyone involved in creating solutions. With our bias for speed, flexibility and collaboration, the Impetus3 process leads to faster payback.”

Melanie Mclagan
Founding Change Agent >Impetus3


Our passion is facilitating breakthroughs
in culture that result in action.
Our sweet spot is helping companies
frame the conversation where strategy ends.
Anything less is merely a meeting.


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