At Impetus3, our passion is facilitating breakthroughs in culture that result in action.
We help companies do this through custom workshops and consultation.

Workshop Facilitation

Impetus3 workshops are customized to meet client-desired outcomes. You may need only one session, or a series. to achieve your goals.  Historically used in Lean process improvement, the facilitation style is proven to make problems and root causes visible often in the first day and implementing change soon after. We have refined this approach even further. You get the help you need to tackle the conversations that need to take place in a modern world where email, skype and traditional meetings fail to do so.

Immersive, fast-paced, visual, unexpected, and fun.

These are the most often used words to describe a workshop experience led by Melanie McLagan and her Impetus3 team.   Whether it is alignment of points of view, how to execute on strategy, or connecting diverse views or discrete initiatives…..Impetus3  has a workshop—or can customize one—that fits your needs.

Consulting Services

We start with where you are right now.  We then employ Think Know ProveTM, a rigorous method we've designed  to keep the actions simple and fit for purpose, so we drive payback faster for you. 

‚ÄčTHINK – You may have various points of view already.  From leading practise insight, customer or employee experience data to strategic innovations and ideas. In this first phase we surface and organize various points of view to be used as input to key decisions including:

  • Interview Board members, executives and key leaders to identify themes in concerns, pain points or ideas of innovation
  • Organize relevant leading practises – Lean process guidelines, data analytics to help isolate in on key areas of concern 80:20 pareto principles. Provide an Ideal state workflow design – process, people, technology and culture elements
  • Facilitate meeting to surface the baseline views and find connections  – challenge status quo and surface insight from the hearts and minds of employees, managers and influencers

KNOW – Here's  where we get visual. Involving key members of your team, we visualize the connections between things. We design the conversations and visual canvas to make real impact based on understanding all the parts of an organizational system in a simple visual way. This is where the big "Ah-ha"s happen.  It involves the art of conversation, managing conflict and surfacing knowlege that leads to action.  Critical thinking is a key element as is breaking things down into bite sized chunks.

PROVE – Finally we identify the component parts to change.

  • Drive the discussion and alignment meetings, and reporting to prompt a bias for action.
  • Set you up for success so project managers (ours or yours) can manage the change management culture and activities that come next.


Get in touch to learn more. Call 416.845.6228.

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