We specialize in accelerating change through innovative methods like Think. Know. Prove. in addition to tried-and-true Lean and Design Thinking.


The Impetus3 Advantage


Clients hire us because they:

  • seek a provocative facilitator and thought leader who can teach them the methods that drive change.
  • want us to ask the brave questions that uncover obstacles (and that others are afraid to ask).
  • need our help to reframe executive level thinking (even for those most experienced in their field).
  • need Impetus3 design thinking methods that always keep the WHY of things and customer values at the centre.
  • love how we use visual management techniques to help people LEARN to SEE the value chain across functional boundaries.
  • have grown tired of management consultant binders that just gather dust.
  • want to upend the status quo to execute their strategy.


The Impetus3 process surfaces more information and insight
into interaction gaps within your organizational system
faster and clearer than ever before.





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