Provocative facilitators, process gurus and thought leaders who specialize in accelerating change through innovative methods like Think. Know. Prove.™ in addition to tried and true Lean-Agile and Design Thinking.


The Impetus3 Advantage

Clients hire us because...


  • They seek a provocative facilitator and thought leader who can teach them the methods that drive change. They already know the strategy, but making it happen is where they need our help.
  • They want us to ask the brave questions that uncover obstacles (and that others are afraid to ask).
  • They need our help to reframe executive level thinking (even for those most experienced in their field). And they need Impetus3 design thinking methods that always keep the WHY of things and customer values at the centre.
  • They have tired of management consultant binders that just gather dust.
  • They need to upend the status quo in order to execute their strategy. And they love how we use visual management techniques, as part of our Lean doctrine, to help people LEARN to SEE the value chain across functional boundaries. Stickies and brown paper, posters, video, and real time creative use of metaphors —methods that help sustain enthusiasm for action - leave repeatable language and tools for employees and CoE teams long after we leave.


With Impetus3 you get an experience
where 'understanding matters' and more information and insights
about how things and interactions flow through your organizational ‘system’ is surfaced
in less time than
ever before. 


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