Will your company accelerate through COVID-19 recovery?

The latest insight on how to successfully recover from change

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many assumptions and norms about how businesses operate. Leaders and organizations are navigating through challenges in the external as well as the internal environment to accelerate the change recovery process and emerge stronger, adaptive and resilient to set their teams and organizations for future success.

Impetus3 Inc. partnered with Charthouse Advisory Services for our latest research on Change Recovery. We reviewed the latest research, real-world observations and feedback from company executives in the last 2 months. This helped us outline key parameters, and decision pathways in the Change Recovery process, along with core areas of choice for leadership to rethink and in turn develop the approach and process for a successful recovery into a post COVID-19 world. 

We’ve published our findings in a research summary white paper.  Share a few details below and we will send you a copy.

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We’re now in the process of making the research, findings and our observations real.  We’re working with leaders and executives who are experiencing these challenges and validating that the path to organizational recovery and acceleration requires the factors we identified.


We’re conducting a leadership research on the Change Recovery challenges facing leaders today. If you’re a leader or executive participant, you will get exclusive access to the research and insights gathered from your peers. We’re accepting a limited number of participants for 20 minute insight interviews with the authors, Natalia Lobach, (Charthouse) and Melanie McLagan (Impetus3)

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