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About Impetus3

“Impetus is the force or energy that makes something happen or happen more quickly.”

Welcome, I’m Melanie McLagan, the energy behind Impetus3. Without discounting the importance of the effort we’ve taken to present ourselves here on our site, the truth is, we have to talk. And listen and observe…

When we speak, it will quickly become less about us and more about you. I want to hear, think, mull and rationalize your business situation of known or suspected hotspots.

Melanie McLagan
Founder @ Impetus3 | Change Agent | Coach/ Facilitator | Writer

Who is Impetus3?

Impetus3 is a small team of change agents.

We embed within your organization to help inspire, create and direct business transformation.

We are known for our ability to ‘crowd source’ critical thinking from your internal talent. This fosters rapid buy-in since it respects inside-out ideas and know-how while resisting traditional outside-in consulting alone.

10,000 hours of facilitating change brings stories of how this has worked and how to create healthy tensions to innovate.

What you experience working with Impetus3?

We use highly visual design and change methods introduced through our process accelerators.  Time-and-again executives and staff respond with excitement at how much depth was unearthed in such a short time and in ways that were so easy to absorb.

Yes, we have toolkits; but we love our clients’ outcome goals more than our content and each engagement is seen as an opportunity to deliver tailored insights.  Our work – our process – is not about filling binders – we modify ‘fit for purpose’ so every moment adds value.

Our multi-disciplinary roots and constant learning habits help us remain aware, informed and nimble so that our methods are always relevant to your change challenges.

Armed with more than the basics, our practiced Lean process design, service architecture, critical thinking and focus on the optimization of human interactions, facilitates strategic decisions that shift business vision into execution momentum.

A typical gig for us is to analyze and re-shape an organization in 30/60/90-day sprints.

Our signature style has generated great on-line and in-person conversations since 2003. Our THINK. KNOW. PROVE.™ method is a short-cut (or heuristic) to enable client teams to discover, learn and grow on their own.

Principles in our approach:

  1. Business is Personal. This critically informs our methods and is detailed more in our services section.
  2. For people to adapt to change, they must be a part of creating it.
  3. Information overload is real and momentum sapping.
    Keep change simple. Codify the way work happens. Define things like functional duties, tools used, decisions made, and the interactions and meetings needed to get there.
  4. Customers define value. Listen, understand and then produce.

Who Hires Impetus3?

We are most often engaged by senior leaders looking to leverage our design and facilitation mastery, to provide team coaching or to inspire the operating-model shifts needed to grow, improve or evolve (or whatever form your organizational change takes!)

Why Talk change?

Sooner or later, the shifting sands will make it inevitable that your business must shift too.

Internal forces:

We can help you recognize (and capture) the opportunity to manage your evolution. Learn to steer towards becoming a firm ingrained with skills to innovate, to lead and to deliver operational excellence. The World Economic Forum projects that the 4th industrial revolution will require a major shift in top employee skills. For 2030 Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity lead the list.

External forces:

Competitive landscape changes, or what once delighted customers is now variable or disappointing.

Organizations are complex systems of purpose, people, paradigms, processes and payments (and lots of things that don’t begin with ‘p’). Innovation and change thinking is needed in all of the above. Knowing the business enablers that support growth momentum, and then invoking the laws of motion to support action… that is our work.

Not sure where to begin? Well we can help with that!

In Business, everything shifts. That’s why we’re here.