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Talk Change

Two Ways to Engage With People

  1. Talked To: Immerse yourself in public speaking engagements, conferences, and breakout sessions, where Melanie McLagan delivers insightful talks and engages with organizations, fostering inspiration and idea generation.
  2. Talking Together: Dive deep into collaborative workshops or team offsite events tailored to your organization’s needs. Choose from preset packages like Management Alignment, Cross-Team Alignment, Kaizen Sessions, or opt for a fully customizable experience with our Tailored Option (from 90 minutes to 3 days). Engage in meaningful conversations, resolve conflicts, and synthesize ideas to drive impactful decisions.

Talked To: Public Speaking

Melanie McLagan: at the mic

As a team-building and eye-opening component of your next corporate event, Melanie’s frank, thoughtful, to-the-point and always insightful approach is almost magical. Comfortable and in-command at the front of the room, Melanie’s years of experience are concentrated and shared (never regurgitated!) in spirited, real-life manifestations of her White Board Insights approach.

Expect to smack yourself in the forehead, blurt out an ‘aha!” and nod in agreement as actionable nuggets are lobbed your way throughout the session!

To discuss how Melanie could help open your organization to change – please fill in the form below (we’ll get back to you within 2 business days!) or just pick up the phone…

A Professional who speaks, not just a professional Speaker

Client Testimonial:
TD Private Trust Leaders Conference 2020

Talking Together: Workshop packages

Together With Your Team

Workshop Packages: Choose from a selection of tailored engagements designed to facilitate collaborative discussions, align priorities, and drive actionable outcomes, while providing culture change check-ins along the way. Explore our four distinct packages:

1: Management Alignment: Chart the course from current state to desired outcomes, ensuring organizational alignment.

2: Cross-Team Alignment: Identify key challenges, establish priorities, and foster cohesion among diverse teams.

3: Kaizen Sessions: Embrace a lean approach to deconstruct and reconstruct processes for rapid improvement over 1 to 3 days.

4: Tailored Workshops: Customize your offsite retreat or workshop experience to address specific organizational needs and goals. Whether it’s delving into niche topics, addressing unique challenges, or focusing on specialized skill development, our tailored sessions provide flexible design to meet your organization’s exact requirements and outcomes.

Empowering Conversations, Not Just Presentations

Not sure where to begin? Well we can help with that!

In Business, everything shifts. That’s why we’re here.